About us

Dryyd is a health and personal care private label business founded in 2019 by the Space Coast of Florida. Our founder was tired of traditional deodorant lotions that were full of artificial scents, dyes, aluminum, parabens and other ingredients that lets face it are not healthy for your skin.

We set goals to introduce more health conscience lotions and topicals skin care products that solved embarrassing hygiene issues for consumers. No one wants to talk about sweating and odor from our private areas, but the truth is we all go through it.

By fall 2020 we launched our first two products on Amazon.com to tackle the most menacing of embarrassing problem areas: breast, thighs, balls, and butts.

Dryyd plans to release three new products in the end of 2021 and into 2022 which include a Foot Powder Cream, Private Part Spray, and a Body Wash. In 2022 and 2023 we will introduce a line of natural soaps. All new product launches will be free of harsh chemicals and ingredients commonly found in consumer grade antiperspirants, deodorants, and soaps.

We pride ourselves as being a Made in America business, right down to the packaging.

681 Saint Clair Street, PO Box 360083, Melbourne, Florida 32936